Thank you for your interest in participating in this survey for the European Commission study “Bodies and trailers – development of CO2 emissions determination procedure”. This is a DG CLIMA (Directorate General for Climate Action) project that aims to prepare legislative action on the CO2 emission contribution of different kinds of trailers, as an addition to CO2 legislation on Heavy Duty Vehicles based on VECTO. The purpose of this survey is to collect information on the current market of trailer and bodies, in terms of product portfolio, sales, and economic market structure. Note that this survey will remain available until the end of April.

The data will be used as a supporting source to assess the contribution of different body types to the CO2 emissions of the road freight transport sector. The individual data will not be shared with third parties. Aggregated data could be included in a public report to be delivered to the European Commission. The information we collect is used expressly to provide the services requested and is not shared with other organisations for commercial purposes. The data will be stored in our database until 1 year after the end of the project. The current prospective end date of the project is 15/11/2019.
A note on privacy
- The data collected about you during this study will be anonymised before it is submitted for publication.
- You are in control of the personal data you provide to us. You can contact us at all times to have your information changed or deleted. You can find our full Privacy Policy here.


There are 28 questions in this survey.